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Blog Types

Blogs Hierarchy

These are the blogs included on my blogroll – those that ARE updated regularly and kept fairly current – as well as a few more that just might interest you. I’ve done my best to divide by subject area and audience so if you discover something you like, you can find more just like it. I’ve also tried to provide some background or brief summary information here, which doesn’t fit neatly into the blogroll.

Think of the organization here as a hierarchy, with general social science blogs covering the widest range of material and then general psychology focusing in a bit more, and the lowest level include the most specific, focused blogs. Multimedia blogs generally cover psychological topics, but are listed separately because of their focus on podcasts, video lectures, and the like.

General (Social) Science Blogs

  • American Scientist – science in the news
  • Fairer Science – women in science; dedicated to making sure that women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) are able to communicate their findings effectively and in order to influence public policy
  • Science Daily – research findings from various scientific (sub-)field (and divided by field/sub-field)

Links to Lists of Specific Categories of Blogs


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