Psychology Applied to Life

General Psychology Blogs

General Psychology Blogs

  • Brain Spin – psychology and popular press from David Disalvo who frequently writes for Scientific American Mind and other neuroscience outlets
  • Communication Central – how communicating effectively with others leads to success; written by Dr. Bakari Akil II for Psychology Today
  • Don’t Delay – how to move past procrastination; written by Dr. Timothy A. Pychyl for Psychology Today
  • The Frontal Cortex – written by Jonah Lehrer of Proust Was a Neuroscientist and How We Decide; he’s one of my favorite science writers (taking difficult scholarly work and translating for regular people like me); part of the Science Blogs network (a favorite)
  • Geek Pride – the “intersection of pop culture, mass media, and the geek/gamer mind” written by Ethan Gilsdorf for Psychology Today
  • Gladwell – blog of Malcolm Gladwell, writer of OutliersBlink, and The Tipping Point, and writer for The New Yorker magazine; this is what I aspire to someday… (a favorite)
  • The Good Life – about positive psychology written by Dr. Christopher Peterson for Psychology Today
  • IQ’s Corner – intelligent thoughts about intelligence theories and tests
  • Living Single – “the truth about singles in our society” written by Dr. Bella DePaulo for Psychology Today
  • Mind Hacks – using neuroscience to understand how your brain works; based on the book of the same name by Tom Stafford and Matt Webb
  • Popular Culture Meets Psychology – “understanding ourselves through pop culture,” blog by Lawrence Rubin and Michael Brody forPsychology Today
  • Positive Psychology News Daily – findings and news from the world (sub-field) of positive psychology (a favorite)
  • PsyBlog – writing about research for regular people; brings together popular culture and the academic side of psychology (a favorite)
  • Scientific American: Psychology – RSS feed for only the psychology-related stories published by Scientific American
  • We’re Only Human – written by Wray Herbert and discussing various human follies and ways our heads lead us in the wrong direction
  • Wired for Success – written by Ray Williams for Psychology Today; Williams runs his own consulting business doing leadership development, personal growth, and executive coaching services

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